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Here at Parklife Digital (Parklife Graphics® Affiliate), we offer our client's everything Web, Print, Design & Social. Take a look at our services page to find out more...


We design and build Websites!

Your brand is the heartbeat of your website. Your website is the first point of contact between you and your lead; you have about 3 seconds to make a good first impression!

Make that 3 seconds count with flawless design, stunning images and simple navigation. A website is made up of many parts that come together to create a smooth user experience. At Parklife Graphics we bring together an experienced team who add different layers of expertise to your site; graphic designers create striking visuals, copywriters write creative content, photographers snap sensational images and developers make Google sing with superior code. Parklife Graphics builds extraordinary websites that demand attention.

Case Study: The Perth Catering Co.

We were commissioned by Shaun and Amy to create their branding and website for their new business venture, check out their journey here

Our Vision & Core Values

Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of a business; to drive a new era of creativity and digital growth! The 6 core values below are our guiding principles that dictate Parklife Graphics behavior, direction and actions. We like to think that our passion is contagious but that our values are what uphold the backbone of our organisation!


Building Businesses Brands

A brand doesn’t happen by accident, it takes careful planning, development and positioning. As graphic designers we help you to understand the impact that colour, design and images have on your brand identity, now and in the future. We assist you in developing a lasting brand that will reflect your business values, appeal to your target audience and remain memorable over time.

Case Study: Encore! Strategy

We helped Encore! Strategy to plan their branding prior to commencing their logo design. Strategic brand development involves identifying your target audience, researching your competition and articulating your unique selling point.

The Parklife Graphics team can assist in your brand strategy and develop an action plan to help build your brand.

Graphic Design Guru's

Our Graphic Designers are creative strategists, bringing together visual expression with marketing precision. The end result is a marketing message that aligns with your vision, mission and values leading to business growth and brand success.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design brings words and images together to create powerful marketing messages. Graphic designers are trained to integrate the science of design with an artistic flair for visual communication.

Case Study: Rockingham Wild Encounters

Rockingham Wild Encounters love working with us at Parklife Graphics because we are passionate about our craft. Our designers gauged a deep understanding of the elements and principles of their brand, and their brand message.


Serving the Catering & Tourism Industry

We are experts in creating designs that will make your brand stand out. Our experienced graphic designers ask lots of questions so they can put themselves in the shoes of your customers. Then they create a strategic branding plan that will attract them. They’ll help you to select a colour palette that will become the basis for your branding, across web, social media and print. Trained to understand the psychology of colour, our graphic designers ensure that your brand reflects your vision and values to appeal to your target market.

How your brand evolves is up to you; great customer service, amazing reviews and carefully positioned marketing messages all build a remarkable brand. Parklife Graphics can help you every step of the way, from social media set up and training to vehicle branding, we’re positioning you for success!


When people trust you, they buy from you

Online it’s hard to tell who’s a intergalactic cowboy and who’s credible! Your website is the first thing that indicates your credibility; a customised website with your brand at its heart builds customer trust, creates online authority and in turn leads into clients and clients in to repeat visitors and your storytellers. Here at Parklife Graphics, we can be trusted to encapsulate your exact requirements with ease. Click here to fill in our form to enable one of our specialists to get in touch!


Logo Design Imagineers

Keep it Simple. Simple logos speak without being fussy, convey a crystal clear message about your brand values and are never confusing.

Make it Adaptable. Your logo is like a celebrity! Whether it’s appearing on social media, billboards, TV or your website it needs to look amazing at any size!

Remain Targeted. It’s important for you to love your logo, but it’s vital that your followers are passionate about it! We remain focused on the bigger picture and ensure your logo design speaks to your ‘fun loving’ target market.

Be Unforgettable. In a visually saturated world your logo needs to standout! At Parklife Graphics we understand the importance of a fresh, eye catching logo that expresses the energy of your vision.

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