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May 10, 2017
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June 7, 2017

Why is your business lonely?

Your Current Site Looks Cheap

A lot of people go down the DIY route of designing and building a website. It is a great option to get something in place if someone were to take a look. However, does it match your branding, does it deliver a clear message of what your business is about? A high-end website can tell a different story to one that has quickly been put together. Make your website tailored to your target market. To do this make sure your branding has been fully developed to push across to your website.

Nobody knows that your brand-new site exists

There are a lot of design agencies out there that will design you the most elegant looking site that looks and works perfectly, before taking your money and sending you on your way. But does it get results? Here at Parklife Graphics, first things first, we advise speaking to our SEO specialist prior to getting a website build. This footing can truly support the launch of your website moving forward. At the end of the day you don’t spend out on a website not to get found!

Content is rubbish

Filler content for the sake of ranking on google is all very well but it has to be written to engage with your target market. Make sure your content

  • is informative,
  • Serves the purpose of the visitors.
  • Isn’t written in long chunks, short paragraphs are preferred.
  • Written in simple language
  • No jargons are used 

Website is Slow

We all know that speed does affect the ranking factor. So your website may be ranking and getting traffic from search engines or social media but as soon as the users land on a slow loading page they leave without entering. 2-3 seconds, that’s all you have before they loose interest!

Have any questions about the points raised above? Get in touch with us at Parklife Graphics for a chat!

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