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July 23, 2017

The issues of cheap logo design

With the internet now being so accessible, websites have popped up offering services worldwide within countries that offer cheap labour costs. These websites include fiverr, upwork and freelancer which offer various services at various prices. All these services are based abroad. One of the services that are offered is the design and development of your company logo. Fiverr.com is one website that provides an array of designers at your disposal. They also offer these services at a very cheap cost starting from only $5. However, there are some issues of cheap logo design from a website like Fiverr.com. Let us take a look at these issues:

  • Copyright: The first and foremost issue is the absence of copyrights. Since the logo is very cheap there is rarely a concept created that is of original work. Most of the time the logo is copied from other websites and the name changed, or elements adapted to suit. This issue arises once the logo is delivered as it can only be checked later. Therefore, the cheap logo can never be a substitute of a professional logo which costs much more than this $5 Fiverr logo. What happens if your business does incredibly well to later find out its used elsewhere? How would this effect your business?
  • Overall quality: Finding a good logo designer is a difficult task. This is because the designs in the portfolios can also be copies from other professionals. The quality of the work drops once you scroll down to further designs by that individual or company. The reviews on such sites can also be manipulated to make the designer look like a professional. Paid reviews are a real thing that exists on such websites. Therefore, the quality promised by cheap logo designers is not original causing issues in the delivered items later on.
  • Late deliveries: You can get a basic design for a lower price. However, the cost increases when you want a better-quality product. It also increases when you want the logo to be delivered quickly. The promised deadlines are seldom met by the designer causing further frustration because the quality promised is not delivered on the promised deadline.
  • Long term usage: For professional companies and serious vendors, these cheap logos can be non-usable. A serious company needs an original logo which they can use over a long period of time in multiple formats for different usages.

Therefore, it can be easily said that a cheap logo on fiverr.com for $5 is not necessarily the best option. It is better to spend more money on a professional trusted logo designer and get an original logo than the logo these kinds of websites from freelance designers provide. Spend money and get the best logo to represent your company or business and make sure it displays the right message! Call Parklife Graphics with any logo design questions, we are here to help 9524 7621

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