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Want quality caterers in Perth?

This was such a fun project to handle, returning customers Amy and Shaun approached us to create the branding for their new catering company, The Perth Catering Co.

What was needed?

The target market for The Perth Catering Co. is high end clients that require a quality boutique service and artistic dishes for special events. After extensive research into the competition and target market, 6 concepts were created to submit to our clients for feedback. Normally our favourite design isn't generally chosen by our clients, they always choose one that we wouldn't guess they would go for! In this case Amy and Shaun were an exception and chose our favourite! This always makes it so much fun for us then to push it across their stationary and web design.

Reverse engineer your website!

Here at Parklife Graphics we don't accept websites because they are regarded in design studios as money makers. We wouldn't offer the service unless we had all the boxes checked, knowing we are doing the right thing by our client, for a return of investment. At the very start during our consultation, we introduced Amy and Shaun to our specialists in; SEO, copywriting and photography, in order to produce the best possible outcome for our clients business.

Why pay for a website if nobody can find it?

Now this is a great question that deserves an honest answer! Many design agencies build websites and chug them out looking amazing, with the client thinking they will be found on Google. But what happens is sometimes they just don't get found. Alternatively, agencies offer an added SEO service for an astronomical cost to the client which is daunting and in some cases overpriced. We work with an independent Australian SEO specialist, local to WA, who is ethical, honest and professional in his approach. And guess what... he's not expensive! Our advice is ALWAYS ask questions and compare quotes, what exactly is included?

Branding photography

Back in the day, stock photography was all the rage and yes sometimes it can still be of good use. But where is your point of difference if other businesses are using the same image? Do they pull together as a branded set? Are you proud of them? We always advise getting independent photography through our talented branding photographer. The depth and quality of her service is second to none. Witnessing clients reactions to the work she produces is amazing.


Our copywriter is an educator by trade, which makes for a very impressive platform to work from. Her words engage with the intended reader, capture their attention and create a sense of depth to what she is selling/marketing. She doesn't just write website filler content, she researches the service / project, their local competitors and target market, prior to even getting started! She ends up sometimes knowing the business better than the owners!

So when you are researching an agency, ask them if these extras elements are included and to what depth!

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