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We were approached by Pete last year to create the branding for his new electrical contracting business. The conversation has stuck with us, he was head strong in how he wanted to approach his branding and made it very clear what he did and didn't want, for us this is always a bonus!

The major issue Pete had was that there are literally 100's of local electrician's in his target area that are all fighting for business.

He wanted his new branding to stand apart from competition, not fit in.

He made it clear he wanted no lightning bolts within the logo. He had a fair point when he said most electricians use a lightning bolt, which for him he had two issues with;

1/ There are literally loads of electricians driving around with a lightning bolt integrated into their logos, on their vehicles. How can a potential client tell one electrician from another if they have similar elements?

2/ To him a lightning bolt represent a 'shock' which doesn't carry a 'safe worker' message.

After totally stripping back his business to the core, we established who he wanted to market to, whether they are more male than female, age range, the 'ideal client avatar'. From this we assisted with his business name. What did he want to call the business and why? To him STAGG is his surname and he felt his reputation as being a quality and trustworthy worker would ride well on his name, as he stood by his workmanship.

So STAGG Electrical was born!

The fun part followed. How do you get your brand to stand out from your competition? His final logo came from multiple designs merged to suit his required image and ideal customer. The psychology of colour played a large part at the start. A lot of electricians use blue which is a trust colour, however we wanted to flip it on its head and use red which indicates an action, to let people know STAGG Electrical deal's with urgent situations.

The bigger picture. Now we knew this bit would look good, what's better to jump out at people than a huge red stag on the side of his ute! Why a stag? We advised that with all of the lightning bolts driving around, when clients require an electrician, what would jog their memory most than a huge red stag? And when they visualise the stag they would think, 'ah yes STAGG Electrical'.

And guess what, the concept worked!

Pete's feedback has been a positive one, he regularly gets calls because his vehicle graphics stand out above his competitors! A job well done Parklife Graphics!

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