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The Lab Factory is a concept to create a cosharing precinct in the City of Rockingham, to benefit business owners. The vision is to transform the world of work into a creative, dynamic and flexible experience for all. Over the coming months The Lab Factory in Rockingham, Western Australia will launch as a trusted community and marketplace for people to connect, discover, showcase and book unique workspaces. Parklife Graphics are founding members and donated our time to create the branding, promotional material and website.

The Philosophy

The right environment.You do your best work when the conditions are right. Having the right workspace conditions mean a great office, inspiring people and a ‘can-do’ atmosphere. Whether you need a permanent desk with all the perks of a serviced office, or an office to house your exceptional team, The Lab Factory will have a selection of options to service your needs.

Innovation. It just so happens that more innovation takes place outside your mind, your collective group or your workspace. So why not open up to a wider network of innovators that can spark something within you or your business.

Collectivity is the great inspirer. It doesn’t matter if you are a collective or a single element, we progress together. If you have the backup and support of the people around you, people who can mentor or offer advice, people who can offer other services and skills, you are all the stronger for it.

Generosity wins. What goes around comes around. We believe that what you put out there, comes back at you. If working collectivity is the great inspirer, use that inspiration to inspire others to take actions too.

The right fit. Leave your ego at the door. Members are interviewed by the founding panel prior to membership approval to guarantee they will fit well within the collaborative. We don’t ask you to conform, we just ask you to be respectful, authenic and open to those around you.

Mixing it up. We will be taking applications for a mixture of professions/services to make sure The Lab Factory is made up of a collective of elements. This way

we maintain diversity when it comes to the overall objective of the Lab. We want to establish an organised melting pot of services and for this reason there will be a limited amount of spaces per profession/service.

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