The Secret Life of Brands

A brand doesn’t happen by accident, it takes careful planning, development and positioning. As graphic designers we help you to understand the impact that colour, design and images have on your brand identity, now and in the future. We assist you in developing a lasting brand that will reflect your business values, appeal to your target audience and remain memorable over time.

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What is a Brand?

A brand is what your customers think and feel about your business. It’s the way they’d describe you to their friends. A brand isn’t a concrete thing that you can touch, it lives in the mind of your customers. If this sounds a bit airy-fairy, that’s because it is! Big corporates have been positioning their brand for success for many years, now we want to help small to medium businesses do the same.

Brands are Slippery Little Suckers!

If your brand lives in the mind of your customers, then how can you control it? The simple answer is that you can’t control your brand, you can only influence it. Brands are slippery little suckers that move and squirm, that’s why Parklife Graphics have developed a strategy for helping you to handle them.

Let’s get a Hold of this Brand Thing Together!

We know that branding is about much more than your logo! Your logo is an important part of your branding; it’s the first impression your customers get. But before logo design even begins, a brand needs to be built. We help you to plan your branding before you get your logo designed. Strategic brand development involves identifying your target audience, researching your competition and articulating your unique selling point. The Parklife Graphics team can assist you with brand strategy and develop an action plan to build your brand.

Brand Strategy 101

We are experts in creating graphic designs that will make your brand stand out. Our experienced graphic designers ask lots of questions so they can put themselves in the shoes of your customers. Then they create a strategic branding plan that will attract them. They’ll help you to select a colour palette that will become the basis for your branding, across web, social media and print. Trained to understand the psychology of colour, our graphic designers ensure that your brand reflects your vision and values to appeal to your target market.

Showing Your Brand to the World

When you take the time to develop your brand strategically, you’re presenting a well thought-out concept to the world. How your brand evolves is up to you; great customer service, amazing reviews and carefully positioned marketing messages all build a remarkable brand. Parklife Graphics can help you every step of the way, from social media set up and training to vehicle branding, we’re positioning you for success!

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