Creative Marketing Consultants

With over 15 years of marketing and design experience, Founder and Director at Parklife Graphics, Kate Stagg, is delighted to offer consultancy services for all things marketing.

Do you need help developing a strategic marketing vision for your organisation? Are you finding it challenging to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses web, social media , and print? Kate and her team have expertise in developing multi-platform marketing campaigns aligned to your business goals. They can audit your current marketing and brand strategy, identify the threats and offer a range of solutions from training to trouble shooting.

Marketing Consulting

The Parklife Graphics team is made-up of marketing experts, graphic and web design specialists, SEO experts, web developers, photographers and copywriters. This unique combination of marketing expertise enables us to see the bigger picture and help you to grow your business with strategic marketing insights.

In small business it’s all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of the business. As you become more successful you have less and less time to work on your business strategically, and your marketing can become stagnant. A marketing consultant is like a breath of fresh air! Whether it’s a crisp new look to your website or an email campaign that is designed to deliver results, a fresh perspective gives you the renewed energy to grow your business.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is the life blood of any business, but it’s an area that businesses often struggle with. Lead generation needs to be spread wide, it’s the top of your sales funnel after all! But the leads you capture want to be qualified before you take them to the next stage of the buying process, so how do you manage all this effectively, without getting caught up in the details?

Our consultants can review your current lead generation activities, offer insights into your biggest return on investment and develop campaigns to maximise this return.

Email marketing communicates like no other, and is still one of the best mediums to drive sales. Did you know that over 75% of revenue from email marketing is created through targeted emails, rather than generic campaigns? This means the more you tailor your email marketing, the better the response rate will be. Sounds good, but it also sounds time consuming! That’s why we have skilled marketing analysts ready to drill down into your customer data and develop campaigns tailored to specific market segments. Parklife consultants work together to share their industry expertise to achieve superior results for you.

Brand Strategy

We help you to develop a brand strategy that aligns your vision, mission and values with optimum market positioning. Parklife consultants believe in exceptional service to create remarkable brands. If you’re an established business developing a new brand the Parklife team can assist you at every phase of the development process; from initial consultation to final expression.

Start-up Marketing Parklife have packages that cater for serious start-ups who are at the beginning of their brand development. The Parklife team are passionate about making your ideas a reality, and have the experience to assist you in this phase of concept development. We have a range of fixed price options for start-ups looking for an affordable consultation and design services.

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