Supercharge Your Brand with Stunning Visual Design

Our Graphic Designers are creative strategists, bringing together visual expression with marketing precision. The end result is a marketing message that aligns with your vision, mission and values leading to business growth and brand success.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design brings words and images together to create powerful marketing messages. Graphic designers are trained to integrate the science of design with an artistic flair for visual communication.

What does this mean for me?

Customers love working with Parklife Graphics because we are passionate about our craft. Our designers have a deep understanding of the elements and principles of design, and how they impact your brand message. Our team of specialists collaborate, innovate and dedicate their time to creating your brand.

How does the process work?

At Parklife Graphics we listen to you. Whether you’re an established business looking for a fresh new look, or a start-up who doesn’t know where to begin, we start by listening. We want to see your vision, we want to hear your story and we want to understand your needs.

Then we strategise with you. Marketing is purposeful communication, so we need know what results you want to achieve to build a plan around your goal. We ask lots of questions so that we know exactly how you want your business to grow. We take the time to understand your goals, vision and values at the start; we’re an extension of your marketing team!

Later we bounce ideas around. Innovation is about creativity, originality and freedom to explore ideas. At Parklife this means taking your marketing concept and playing ball with it for a while. And of course, playing ball is a team sport! That’s why our marketing specialists love collaborating to get exceptional results for your business.

Then we start creating. This is where the ideas come to life! Your brand message begins to take shape and it’s not long before we call you to share the excitement and get your feedback. You can be involved as much or as little as you want in this part of the process. If you want us to take care of the detail and come back to see the final designs, then great! If you want regular input, we love to hear your contributions too!

Ultimately we delight you! This is the most exciting part, when you are delighted with the work we’ve created and the marketing strategy starts to drive results for your business!

Graphic Design for Branding

We are experts in creating graphic designs that will make your branding stand out. Our experienced graphic designers ask lots of questions about your business so that they can put themselves in the shoes of your customers. Then they create a strategic branding plan that will attract your ideal customers. Having researched the competition, they’ll help you to select a colour palette that will become the basis for your branding. Trained to understand the psychology of colour, our graphic artists ensure that your brand reflects your vision and values and appeals to your target market.

Graphic Design for Logos

We love logo design! It’s a combination of crystal clear messaging, balanced with beautiful visuals to convey exactly what your business is about. As graphic designers we understand the need for balance, for contrast and we think of creative ways to use lines and space. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand, and your branding reflects the values of your business. We have delighted businesses big and small with our imaginative logos, take a peek at these logos to see our creativity in action. Would you like to learn how we design your logo? Click Logo Design to learn more about our process.

Graphic Design for Social Media

We create artwork for use across all your social media platforms! We know that each time you represent your business on a social platform, you have to display an image. As graphic designers, we’re excited to be able to create a seamless branding message with our social media artwork. If you’re an existing customer, then we’ll already have a branding plan to base all the artwork on. If you’re a new customer, then we just need your branding style guide or logo and hey presto, we’re away! We create uniquely branded artwork for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platform you want to be seen on.

Have a question about your branding?

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