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A logo is an emblem of what you stand for, so it’s important to get it right first time! If you want customers to believe in you, to trust you and buy from you, then a high quality logo that reflects your brand values is essential. Our Graphic Designers are creative strategists who bring together visual expression to tell your brand story. We have helped hundreds of businesses express their core message with simple, adaptable and targeted logos that set them apart. Check out our Logo Design Gallery

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‘Whether you’re rebranding, expanding or just beginning, Parklife Graphics can tailor a logo to meet the needs of your business.’

4 Steps to an Amazing Logo

Here’s how we design and develop your unique logo:

1. Keep it Simple.

Simple logos speak without being fussy, convey a crystal clear message about your brand values and are never confusing.

2. Make it Adaptable.

Your logo is like a celebrity! Whether it’s appearing on social media, billboards, TV or your website it needs to look amazing at any size!

3. Remain Targeted.

It’s important for you to love your logo, but it’s vital that your customers are passionate about it! We remain focused on the bigger picture and ensure your logo design speaks to your target market.

4. Be Unforgettable.

In a visually saturated world your logo needs to standout! At Parklife Graphics we understand the importance of a fresh, eye catching logo that energises your vision.

We wrap our logo designs in creativity, bring them to life with innovation and make them work with our marketing know-how.

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