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Packaging design influences the way your customers perceive your products. Great packaging attracts your ideal customer and helps them to understand the benefits of the product you are selling. Crisp clear messaging, paired with engaging colours and innovative design, Parklife Graphics helps your products to fly off the shelves!

Launching a New Product or Rebranding an Existing One?

Whether you’re launching a new product or rebranding an existing product, our packaging designers can assist you to create the WOW factor you need. We can work within your existing brand style guide to develop a fresh new look that suits your product and audience. Or if you want a brand new look, then we can create a new style guide for packaging that pops!

Packaging Design; Getting Started

If you’ve got a great product then you need amazing packaging to match. Packaging that appeals to your customers, clearly tells them what you offer and is eye catching. Packaging is much more than the housing that a product arrives in; smart packaging creates intrigue, excitement and delight in its own right!

But before we begin to design your packaging we have to put ourselves in the shoes of your customers! We start the development phase by understanding what they’re looking for, what colours and styles appeal to them and what function the packaging will serve.

Packaging Design; Concept Development

Now that we understand the purpose of your packaging we can begin the exciting phase of concept development. This is when you get see our creativity in action, and we work with you to develop a perfect design that your customers will love. The concept phase in packaging design combines practical solutions, visually arresting shapes and innovative thinking.

Packaging Design; the Finished Product

This is where it all comes together and you get to see the finished product. Alongside our printers, we source the materials in line with your instructions, whether your top priority is sustainability or affordability. Watching your vision come to life is the most satisfying part of our journey, and we can’t wait to see your product fly off the shelves!

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