Supporting Parents and Staff

Your P&C puts a name to the faces of the many parents who supercharge your school. Influential and effective your P&C shapes decisions, improves classrooms and gives a voice to the community. Schools and P&Cs have different messages they need to share and each need a platform to deliver that message.

At Parklife Group we see the need for a streamlined voice for the P&C, one which is distinct and separate from the school administration team, but linked by a common vision and a shared purpose – your children’s education.

Simplifying Communications

Imagine a place where parents feel at home, a space created just for them. That’s what the P&C website package can offer your parents. Forget mixed messages and multiple notes coming home with students, simplify communication by having everything in one place.

A P&C website brings together all the threads that feel like they’re about to unravel! From the uniform shop to the school disco, from stationary supplies to fundraising events, take parents to a single website that puts the power at their fingertips.

Amazing Fundraising!

Fundraising is about spreading the word, building momentum and driving a cause. Fundraising takes leg-work from volunteers that makes schools brighter, better places for learning. The P&C are instrumental in raising money for resources, support and infrastructure. New play areas, sensory equipment, talking books and support programs are all possible because of the dedicated volunteers who give their time every day. If there were only more of them, just imagine what would be possible!

But more volunteers may not be the only answer! How would you feel if you could get twice as much done in the same amount of time? A digital solution to timely pen and paper ordering, receipts and book-keeping. Maximise the efforts of the people you already have, using a P&C website designed to meet the needs of your school community.

Digital Solution for a P&C Evolution

Our 0% interest free website packages are designed to be affordable, with options to customise and add a weekly done-for-you blog post.

Think you’d like to get twice as much done in half the time? Then call the Parklife team to see what we can do for you 08 9524 7621, alternatively please message us

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