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Parklife Graphics turns product ideas into reality! Do you have an idea for the perfect product? If you need a design agency that can bring your vision to reality, then you’re going to love working with Parklife Graphics. We have the experience to help you develop your ideas and turn them into real tangible products. Our supported service offers you product design, manufacturing connections and a marketing plan designed for your product launch.

Product Design: Getting Started

When it comes to product design, Director and lead Designer Kate Stagg has over 15 years’ experience from toy design to clothing and gifts. She’s worked with big brands such as Target, Woolworths and Bunnings and brings a wealth of experience in taking an idea from initial concept to creation.

5 Steps from Concept to Creation:

1. Concept.

The concept stage of product design is about thinking outside the box and driving innovation. Whether you have a great concept but can’t source the right materials to bring it to market, or have a partial concept and need assistance to develop it, Parklife Graphics have the experience to set your wheels in motion.

2. Cost Forecast.

This is the stage that many business owners find overwhelming, as forecasting the cost of manufacture can be a daunting task. This essential step determines whether your budget and design are a good fit! But don’t worry, with Kate’s experience there’s always ways to cut the costs, whether it is in packaging design, manufacture or delivery.

3. Specification Sheets.

Spec sheets are the instructions that break down every component of your product so that a manufacturer can produce it exactly as you’ve planned it. There’s room for error if spec sheets are created by inexperienced designers, that’s why at Parklife we are confident to develop precise and accurate style guides, that draw on our years of experience in product design.

4. Manufacture.

This is where the rubber hits the road and your vision becomes a reality. Once you receive your first product sample you know that you’re well on your way to getting your amazing products into the hands of your customers. Manufacturing can be sourced onshore or offshore and Parklife Graphics is well connected to meet your needs.

5. Marketing.

At this stage it feels like the journey’s over, but really the adventure is just beginning! Our marketing expertise is on-tap for you to spread the word to your customers, whether it’s social media marketing, a website or leaflets and flyers you need, Parklife Graphics is poised to assist.

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