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Where your ideas can come to life!

We have spent a considerable amount of years connecting and networking with fellow business owners and specialists within our fields. We don't claim to know everything, what we can learn, we strive to! What we simply don't have time to learn (as lets be honest some specialists take years upon years to master) we find other trustworthy specialists that can provide that service for our clients!

Over the years Kate our Director has been part of collaboring in co-sharing offices both for personal business enterprise gain and for market testing to see if areas are 'ready' for this type of new workplace culture. Being based in Perth, with an ever expanding team of creatives, the Parklife Group has recently helped launch a cosharing space, the first of its kind in Western Australia.

Want to share an office?

The Lab Factory's vision is to transform the world of work into a creative, dynamic and flexible experience for all. The Lab Factory in Rockingham, Western Australia has launched as a trusted community and marketplace for people to connect, discover, showcase and book unique workspaces. On offer are independent workspaces, team offices, meeting rooms, workshops & seminars. If you are interested in being part of this cosharing space we ask you to email to receive the information pack.

Why share an office?

As creatives, could you imaging popping us in a small boxed office with grey walls? We would honestly go stir crazy! How would we get our creative juices flowing? We love nothing more than surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals that ask questions, share knowledge, provide advice whilst educating us on their products and services! Imagine how much more you would learn by being in a collaborative space! Rest assured, we do however know when its time to buckle down, pull out our trustworthy apple headphones, zone out in our 'happy place' and get cracking, its all about balance!

Once you go Mac you never go back!

Does this really apply? Yes I am sorry to say we are an office full of apple nerds and couldn't bring ourselves to using that of a PC platform. The thought of running a design studio on anything but our shiny 'magical' machines makes us shudder! We have the most up to date design software and equipment in order to offer our clients the very best end product.

Are you curious about our services?

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