Our Super Creative Team of Geniuses

Too much?.. But when do you ever get chance to blow your own trumpet? (Or trumpet(s) in our case). Not that often right? Imagine a workplace where people rock up to work, enthusiastic and excited to be there, giving their all to their work whilst helping others along the way. Does it exist? It sure does at Parklife Group!

Parklife CEO Kate has been fortunate to work for some AMAZING establishments in the UK, creative studios where staff come before anything else. Leading Parklife's amazing team she strives to follow this belief as one of her core values; 'If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers'. Something she totally admits she stole off of Richard Branson, her inspiration, makes total sense though right!

So who is the Parklife Group?

Parklife Group is made up of 1 Trusty Communicator (CEO) 1 Systems Sidekick (Project Manager), 1 Pixel Pusher (Graphic Designer), 1 Code Cobra (Web Designer + Developer) and a Word Wizard (Copywriter). We also liaise directly with an amazing Business Planning Rockstar (Business Strategist) as well as multiple Photography Sorcerers (Branding Photographers).

Interested to know more?

Call for a chat with our friendly team today on 08 9524 7621, alternatively please message us

Kate Stagg | Chief Enthusiasm Officer - CEO

A lead influencer in establishing Parklife in 2012, Kate also contracted for other Perth based design agencies requiring her expertise. At the end of 2015 Kate made the decision to fully devote all her time to Parklife Graphics after developing a very good reputation locally for knowledge and quality. Kate's expertise includes working direct with clients dealing with international brands, designing packaging for Targets and Coles, giftware for Disney to mobile app and web designs for Bunnings.

At the forefront of her business ethics, she believes education comes before a sale; 'Educate business owners and guide them through the process, allowing them to evaluate their exact requirements and needs in order for them to succeed'.

Kate can be described as incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about her craft and the team. She has the ability to enhance a businesses image and reputation through her many skill sets whilst aligning with other high end industry specialists.


Sabrina Drew | Ambassador of Buzz - Project Manager

Sabrina is at the core of the business, making sure everything is organised and ticking along, easing the workload for all the team members. Sabrina's quality and bubbly energy is reflected in all that she does and it shows. She has had multiple clients trying to coax her to work for them, which to us makes us feel rather chuffed she chooses Parklife Graphics as her employer!

Sabrina is your first port of call when you get in touch with Parklife Graphics. After the initial introduction Sabrina will make sure to introduce you to the services we offer, a solution to your needs followed by introducing you to the right member of the team to action your needs. Its pretty straight forward here, we have a specialist for pretty much everything business, and if we don't have someone in-house, we are confident we know someone you can trust!


Louise Dunn | Crayon Evangelist - Graphic Designer

Louise has been contracting for The Parklife Group since 2016 as our Senior Graphic Designer. With over 10 years experience working in the giftware industry, we were excited when she chose to join our in-house team at Parklife as full time employee in January 2018.

Louise ‘Weezie’ Dunn is the bright and bubbly heart of the Parklife team. Her laughter fills the entire room! As the senior designer, she is in charge of making mind-blowing designs and graphics for businesses. She is responsible for the undertaking all design tasks; from initial branding requirements through to marketing material and digital presence, Louise has the know-how to execute the tasks with ease and professionalism.


Preston Williams | Code Cobra - Digital Developer

Preston joined the team in 2017 as a Murdoch University intern. As part of his placement he undertook a large internal project developing an app for the team. This involved branding concept creation, app UI design, critical thinking and customer interaction. His positive and dedicated approach to the tasks at hand, led to him being offered a placement with Parklife as Digital Developer. His relaxed energy and focused attitude really sits well alongside the team.

As Digital Developer, Preston is responsible for the coding, analysis and design of digital solutions, while contributing to testing, continuous integration and deployment activities. He delivers high quality applications that exceed customer expectations. Preston works with a wide range of technologies and as part of our innovative core value we always encourage him explore new ones.


Victoria Foss | Word Wizard - Creative Writer

Victoria is the word whiz at Parklife. Fresh out of university, she joined the team as a Creative Writer in early 2018. She completed a double undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Professional Writing & Publishing in 2016, before pursuing Honours in Creative Writing the following year. Her work has been published in various magazines and student anthologies. She was the 2016 recipient of Curtin University’s Creative Writing Award.

Victoria is passionate about communications. She loves crafting words into superb sentences, and making them shine. She also enjoys reading blogs and articles about creativity, marketing, and literature. As a Creative Writer at Parklife, Victoria is responsible for writing website content, blogs, and e-newsletters, and managing social media channels.