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Stella Polaris was a new venture for experienced writer and teacher Lisa Kniebe.

When she approached the Parklife team she knew she had something special to offer, but was having trouble communicating this visually.

The Parklife team worked with Lisa to tell the story of Stella Polaris. Named after the Pole Star, Stella Polaris had personal meaning for Lisa who remembered it as a symbol from her childhood. Her philosophical parents inspired her to find a guiding light in her life and never waiver from what she knew to be her true course. Lisa had found her true course in writing and so named her business Stella Polaris to represent the guiding light for beautiful writing.

We took the idea of the Pole Star and developed several logos, Lisa loved the varied interpretations we created, from traditional images of the pen nib integrated with a star to the constellation itself. We added a gradient effect to deep blue as the basis of Stella Polaris’s branding, to reflect the depth and meaning in the name. With such a dark base colour we injected a strong contrast using gold and white to really help Stella Polaris to shine! Her dramatic branding stands out and reflects the depth of thinking that goes on behind her copywriting business.

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